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Tusayan Looks to Bank All The Money It Makes From Taxes

July 29, 2012

Tusayan is trying to get a fix on its finances.  At a July council meeting members worked out ways to bank all that cash the town has been collecting from taxes. Tusayan has a 2% sales tax; a 2% bed tax and a 4% restaurant and bar tax. It is a substantial sum.

Given the fact that the town has spent very little on visible public works projects, there are plenty of funds in Town coffers. Remember, the Town hires out the Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement.  The Tusayan Fire District, which has functioned independently for years, provides fire protection. Planning and zoning has been farmed out to firms in the Phoenix area.  So basically government services in Tusayan are “Seinfeldian” (it’s about nothing).

However the money keeps coming in. that’s why the Town council has decided to build up contingency funds totaling $1.5 million. $250 thousand is set aside for mayor emergencies. $750 thousand for operational emergencies in the budget like a long term dip in revenues. $500 thousand goes to budget stabilization, which would take care of shorter term budget problems.

The Interim town manager Tami Ryall, who has the experience to keep Tusayan legal, made the recommendations to track the surplus.  She also noted that an audit of the Town’s books also asked for a purchasing system. Here is a link to the new rules.

Because of little or no real activity, aside from fast-tracking Stilo’s development project, there is very little activity within the budget. Here is a link.