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Tusayan Uses COVID Relief Funds To Help School District Free Lunch Program

November 14, 2022

The Town of Tusayan has voted to give the Grand Canyon School District $30,000 to fund the District’s free lunch program. The money comes from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan Recovery Act (ARPA).

The District recently came to the Town and requested the help.

Mayor Vail said, “This is a wonderful way for the Town to help.”

According to Town Manager Charlie Hendrix, during COVID the federal government funded the 100% of the school lunch program but a week before the school, the feds told the school that funded has ended.

Hendrix said the  $30,00 would cover the cost of the program and  bridge the gap this year. Hendrix also notes that 60% of the District’s students receive meals for free or at a reduced rate.

Vail added, “There is nothing more important than us funding something like this.”

The yes vote was unanimous.

Several Months ago, Vice Mayor Brady Harris suggested  using some ARPA Funds for an education endowment to the Tusayan Fire District. According to the staff report,  "After reviewing the rule and consulting with the Town Attorney on this program suggestion, staff has come to the conclusion that it would not be advisable to utilize ARPA funds for this program. ARPA funds can be utilized for many First Responder purposes, but this is not one that is included in the rule guidelines. It does not appear to be analogous to any of the permitted purposes either."