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Chavez Ghosts Tusayan, Misses Swearing In Vacating His Council Seat

December 15, 2022

David Chavez won a seat of the Tusayan Town Council, but he is not claiming it. He failed to show up at the December 14th council meeting where he was to be sworn in. After his election in August, he was rarely if ever seen at any council meetings. He also failed to respond to emails the Watchdog had sent seeking an interview about his priorities for the upcoming council session.

On December 15th the Watchdog attempted to call Chavez at the Best Western Squire where he had been serving as General Manager. The person who answered the phone said Chavez is no longer with the company. 

Town Manager Charlie Hendrix said, “The town made several attempts to reach out to Mr. Chavez.  He did not respond to any of the attempts.  To the best of our knowledge, he is no longer a resident of the Town of Tusayan.”

At the December 14th meeting it was announced that there is currently a vacancy on the Tusayan Town Council.  Staff will report options to the Council at the January Town Council Meeting for filling the vacancy.

Chavez previously served on the Town Council under Mayor Sanderson.