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Mayor Vail Expresses support For Water Conservation

March 1, 2023

The group Water for Arizona recently interviewed Tusayan Mayor Clarinda Vail regarding the drought and its impacts on the community. Vail told the organization she wants to make sure that the seeps and springs at the Grand Canyon remain protected.

She said a primary concern is possible future development in the area, "If entities say this is how we would like to do it, but they're not required to, so they propose things that are more palatable but the way water laws are in Arizona, nobody can really hold them to it." She said a lot of small towns in the state are looking for direction as to how much is too much. She says rural needs are often forgotten when it comes to water issues at the legislature.

To watch the entire interview click here.

Vail said the Tusayan Sanitary District has done an excellent job of conservation, especially when it comes to reclaimed water.