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Tusayan Looks At Options For Long Jim Loop Road

March 21, 2023

Long Jim Loop Road runs through a patchwork of land with different owners including the Halvorson family, the Forest Service, ADOT, and the Grand Canyon School District. The Town is looking at options for repaving from State Route 64 to RP Drive.

Engineers came up with several estimates. Repaving with two inches of asphalt is $480 thousand.  For repaving with three inches of asphalt it’s $551 thousand. For four inches of asphalt, the costs range from $935 thousand to $997 thousand.

The town is looking for federal grants to help cover the costs as well as investigating getting money from Arizona highway user revenue funds. Councilwoman Becky Wirth is worried about the cost. She does not like the million-dollar option. Councilman Josh Collet fears that any delays will drive up costs due to inflation.