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Tusayan Sanitary District Candidate Seems To Be Living in Valle

September 12, 2012

Bob Wirth wants a seat on the Sanitary Board. He works at Halvorson’s Wild West Experience dinner theater. He claims to live in Tusayan but he also has a house in Valle. Despite claims he has lived in Tusayan for a year, a picture of Wirth’s home in Tusayan show it is still a work in progress.

If he has been living in Tusayan for a year why does the home still appear to be undergoing construction? 

Why did a woman named Rebecca Wirth opine to the Tusayan Town Council less than a year ago that she lives in Valle and wants to live in Tusayan? Is Rebecca related to Bob? They apear to share an email address.

Wirth clearly filled out his candidate form claiming to be a resident of Tusayan, but the details are not as simple.

Maybe that’s because Wirth also lives in Valle. The tan house pictured here is Wirth’s Valle residence. It seems to be complete and lived in. In fact witnesses tell the Watchdog they observed Wirth moving items from his Valle home into the Tusayan residence as earlier this month (September).

As Stilo tries to take over Tusayan, it needs allies on the Sanitary District Board. The Board would keep Stilo honest about water and sewer issues and could stand in the way of land deals that could make the powerful developer millions of dollars.

So Far Wirth has not returned our messages.

Larry Hostetler who is running for a seat on Tusayan Fire Board DID return our call.  He says has lived in Tusayan since March even though he has a Chandler mailing address. He told us that’s because he briefly rented a home there and his son lives at the Chandler home.

It’s a safe bet that Stilo wants control of the Fire District. Chief Robbie Evans had the courage to stand up to Stilo and even challenge Mayor Greg Bryan in the recall election. Getting control of the Fire District and firing Chief Evans would certainly give Stilo total control of the town.