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Stilo Throws a Party and Serves Government Cheese

September 12, 2012

When Stilo decided to throw one of its parties September 5th, it figured inviting a federal official would give them some respectability.  They were wrong.

On Wednesday Tom DePaolo travelled to Tusayan and invited Ernie Wetherbee from the USDA to discuss loan financing options for the hard working people of Tusayan. The trouble is Stilo is peddling a myth.

The loan programs are nothing unique to the Stilo development plan. They are available to any low income households assuming the applicant can own the land and the housing is permanent.

Come to think of it the loans would not be applicable to the Camper Village temporary housing Stilo has been touting.  Nor would these loans be applicable anytime soon to the 40 acres Stilo is promising to donate to Tusayan.

Stilo has yet to demonstrate an adequate water supply to the project and if there is no water, Stilo’s development plan could be in limbo. The feds don’t hand out loans when the land ownership is in question.

All those loose ends didn’t stop Stilo from slapping a USDA logo on the invites it sent to the community, nor did it stop Stilo from bringing the USDA’s Wetherbee to the September 5th Council meeting.

If Stilo were serious about providing housing, it would arrange to build low income housing out of its own deep pockets instead of directing the hard working residents of Tusayan to apply for loans from the feds.