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A New Fire Engine To Serve Tusayan

November 19, 2023

Thanks to funds provided by the Town of Tusayan, the community is now being served by a new fire engine. Tusayan Fire Chief Greg Brush brought the new fire engine to Town Hall ahead of the November 14th Town Council meeting. Morpheus, the unofficial firehouse dog, came along for the ride.

The process to get a new fire engine has been going on for months as the Tusayan Fire District and the town overcame supply chain issues to bring the community a state-of-the-art fire engine. The old fire engine was more than 20 years old, and it was at the end of its line. Fire Chief Brush said there was recently concern that the old truck might not be able to start.

The new fire engine is not only reliable, but it can also pump a lot more water. The old truck had a capacity of 300 gallons. The new truck can handle 1,000.  It has a working foam system for wildfires and enhanced lighting. The total cost was $434,000.

There is plenty of space to carry equipment and it can carry more weight, which is critical when it comes to carrying updated vehicle extrication equipment. Fire Chief Brush calls it a game changer. “The Town of Tusayan has been hugely supportive in helping out the Fire District.”

Mayor Clarinda Vail, who played a critical role in working with the Town Council to help fund the new fire engine, congratulated the Tusayan Fire District and applauds the enhanced public safety the new truck provides.

The truck will generally be the first vehicle called out for structure fires, wildfires, and automobile accidents.