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Stilo Has No Water, Little Time, But Plenty Of Candidates

October 14, 2012

Time is running out for Stilo. The Italian developer has  November 6th to explain how it intends to get water for its massive development project which could dry up the springs that feed the Grand Canyon and the Havasupai Tribe. An application was filed in November 2011 to provide water services for the development, but there has been opposition from a host of environmental groups including the Sierra Club, and neighboring communities such as the Havasupai Tribe, and finally the Superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park. These organizations fear Stilo’s development plans would dry up the springs that feed tribal lands and the Grand Canyon.

That may be why Stilo is trying to stack the Sanitary District with its handpicked candidates, Bob Wirth, Beth Hearne, and Jeff Cook. Wirth appears to have just moved here from Valle and works for Stilo partner Elling Halvorson. Hearne is an employee of Mayor Greg Bryan. Cook is the guy who filed a lawsuit that prevented a public vote on the Stilo land use plan.  This trio has not contributed to the community as have longtime Sanitary District members such as Pete Shearer. Their arrival could give Stilo the ability to take over the Sanitary, much in the same way they took over the Town Council.

By the way November 6th also happens to be Election Day.