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New Chapter For Grand Canyon Tusayan Tourism

December 1, 2023

The Tusayan Town Council has made a change to the way it markets tourism that is expected to deliver a better return on investment.

By a unanimous vote, the council declared the Town of Tusayan as its own Designated Marketing Organization or DMO with the Arizona Office of Tourism for the Tusayan Grand Canyon Area.

Previously, the South Rim Grand Canyon Chamber and Visitors Bureau had the DMO but its focus was too broad. It spent time and resources promoting Valle, Williams, Flagstaff and Sedona in addition to Tusayan and the Grand Canyon.

The Town Council felt the designation and related funds that go with it should be used locally.

Mayor Clarinda Vail stated, “We were never asked to be listed with Valle they just chose to do it that way and you can’t spend Town dollars that way.”

The DMO status for Tusayan does not limit the South Rim Chamber. It can still have its own DMO. The separation just gives the Town of Tusayan a greater say in how it is marketed.

The decision also comes after concerns about the way the chamber was tracking its finances and the delay in submitting financial records.