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Tusayan Councilwoman Wirth Resigns

December 13, 2023

After more than a decade on the Tusayan Town Council, Becky Wirth is resigning. She made the announcement at the end of the December 12th council meeting.

“I thank you all for the pleasure of being on the council with me,” Wirth said.

Over the past few years Wirth has taken on the task of monitoring  town finances.

Wirth is the General Manager of retail for both the Arizona and Nevada holdings of Papillon Airways. Her employer is allowing her to work remotely which enables her to work from her second home in Ajo, Arizona to be with her husband. She said she was on the road quite a bit, “I wish there was a way I could be in two places at the same time but unfortunately, I can’t.”

Wirth told the council, “I know that you all have your hearts in the right place and that will continue along with the good work that you started. And I hope you will find a replacement that has the same heartfelt dedication to this community that I have.”

Mayor Clarinda Vail said, “You have served the community for so many years and your expertise will be missed. And thanks so much for all the things that you have supported that we have done together and with this council especially.”

Mayor Vail, having just received the resignation, is working on a more formal recognition of Wirth’s service.

Here is a link to Wirth's resignation letter.