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Stilo Update: No Plan and No Land

October 23, 2012

By Mike Scerbo

Stilo is out of compliance in its proposed deal with the Town of Tusayan. The Italian developer has its zoning, but the Town does not have its 40 acres of land for affordable housing. That’s because Stilo has yet to identify a water source for its plan to add three million square feet of commercial space and thousands of new residents to the fragile environment at the doorstep of the Grand Canyon.

In a letter filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission, Tusayan Ventures, Stilo’s would be water company, has yet to file a wastewater agreement with the Sanitary District.

In essence this means no waste water agreement, no water source and no real plans from Stilo.

They did submit a letter to the Town Council on October 17th, claiming to be working on the problem. The letter is long on promises and short on details. No one mentioned at that meeting that Stilo has essentially stiffed Tusayan.

Meanwhile, the Tusayan Sanitary District’s Pete Shearer has sent a very polite letter to the Corporation Commission noting that team Stilo has yet to send the District a wastewater plan. Here is a link to the letter.

Shearer doesn’t bash Stilo but the letter does express worry that there is no waste water application pending for such a massive project.

So far Stilo’s only response is to try an elect Stilo-friendly folks to the Sanitary District Board. Folks like Bob Wirth, Beth Hearne, and Jeff Cook. Only Wirth was elected.