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Halvorson Does It Again…Shuts Down A Business After Election Day

November 11, 2012

The Watchdog has learned that the Grand Canyon Dinner Theater has closed November 15th for the season and will not open again until March. That’s what the person who picked up the phone told us.

 The timing seems rather convenient given that we just had an election.  Those familiar with this publication will note that we been pointing out that Stilo partner Elling Halvorson has a habit of opening a business in Tusayan before an election and then closing it, thus guaranteeing an additional number of residents who can come on down and vote for what the Italian developer wants.  We pointed this out in a story we did August 22nd on the Candidates for Sanitary District

Bob Wirth is running for the Sanitary Board. He works at Halvorson’s Wild West Experience dinner theater. Elling manages to open up a business and staff it just in time for local elections.” From the Watchdog August 22nd 2012.

Even more telling is the fact that the old Western Discovery Museum, which the theater replaced, closed right after the last round of elections. For those of you who need a little Halvorson history check out this article from the Watchdog in early 2011 http://www.grandcanyonwatchdog.com/local/index.php?id=26 .

Sources tell me the Steakhouse portion of the business will remain open while the theater is closed. We will keep an eye on the place just to make sure. Meanwhile it will be interesting to note how many people are out of a job now that Halvorson and Stilo don’t need them to cast a vote (or perhaps run for office).