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Two Halvorson Employees Remain In Charge In Tusayan

December 12, 2012

Stilo business partner Elling Halvorson may not live in Tusayan, but his influence looms large. On December 5th, two of his employees, Greg Bryan and Al Montoya , were appointed Mayor and Vice Mayor respectively after winning re-election to the council. Those were the same positions they held before the election. The council picks the leaders from among their ranks after each regular municipal election.

On December 5th, the council nominated and selected Bryan as Mayor and Montoya as Vice Mayor. Councilman Bill Fitzgerald cast the only no vote against Bryan. It’s worth noting that Bill Fitzgerald is the only member of the council who is not employed by either Halvorson or Stilo. When he spoke out against the Stilo development project, Stilo’s legal team went after him and his employer with a vengeance.

The two leadership positions aren’t the only thing that has remained the same in two years. Despite much fanfare, Stilo has yet to deliver its promise of affordable housing in Tusayan despite the fact they received their rezoning. Stilo has yet to demonstrate they have a sufficient water supply to feed their massive development plan. And despite the fact that Stilo has failed to deliver on its promises, the council has not penalized the developer.