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Too Busy for Tusayan?!

March 26, 2013

By Mike Scerbo

It wasn’t until the Town of Tusayan decided to threaten Stilo’s valuable rezoning deal that Stilo bothered to pay attention to Tusayan.

After Stilo got its selected council members elected or appointed (with the exception of Bill Fitzgerald) ;  after it got its zoning that adds three million square feet of commercial space; and after it killed any attempt to put the zoning on the ballot; the Italian developer seemed to forget about Tusayan.

The pizza parties and the goodies stopped flowing.  It’s been months since the Stilo backed ‘Western Times’ has sent a reporter to a council meeting.   We may have found the reason. Stilo was just too busy for the men and women of Tusayan.  On February 21st Stilo honcho Federico Pellicioli wrote to the town:

The last half of 2012 was usually busy for us in Italy and we were able to complete several very large closings.  Now that they are completed we are planning to spend much more time in the U.S. and will try to come on a monthly basis as we did in the past.  

The Town’s response cam days later:

We realize your focus has been elsewhere, while ours is has been here daily, waiting on things to change as promised.  Now you want to change the Agreement with new promises.  It feels like you are not in touch with our community and the input you are receiving is outdated or badly slanted based on bias. 

Whether Stilo pays a price for ignoring Tusayan has yet to be seen.  The Town has the option of cancelling the zoning because Stilo is out of compliance. No word yet if the Town is willing to surrender that option.