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Stilo Land Use Plan Would Make Current Water Supply Challenges Worse

April 14, 2013

Ensuring Tusayan has an adequate water supply has always been a challenge. By 2050, it’s estimated that the community will need an additional 428 acre feet per year. That estimate does not include the massive proposed Stilo land use plan which would add three million square feet of commercial space and thousands of new homes. So far Stilo has not found a way to find the extra water.

Meanwhile the Coconino Plateau Water Advisory Council is trying to find a way to meet the region’s water demands. By 2050 the region will need an extra 28,000 acre feet a year.  The CPWAC does not have an estimate as to how much extra water the Stilo plan would need. They have their hands full without it.

The CPWAC includes the communities of Page, Williams, and Flagstaff.  At the council’s April 3rd meeting Tusayan was invited to join this council. Whether Page, Williams, or Flagstaff would mind seeing the region’s water supplies diverted to the Stilo land use plan remains to be seen.

Tusayan would have to pay $30,000 to join the council if the Grand Canyon National Park also signs on. Without the Park, Tusayan would have to pay about $400,000.

So far there has been no identified water source for this effort. It’s anticipated the water would come from the Central Arizona Project, if deals can be worked out with other states and communities.