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Tusayan Continues To Enjoy Low Crime Rates

April 14, 2013

About 15 law enforcement reports are filed a month in Tusayan, according to numbers released by the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office. 21% of the stats reflect property crime. 16% represent crimes against people (such as assault). License violations make up 14%.

The numbers come from Lt. Jim Coffey with the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office. He oversees law enforcement efforts in Tusayan. He told the Town council on April 3rd that he wants to increase the visibility of law enforcement though foot and bike patrols. He is also working on getting a patrol car fully marked to display the town of Tusayan. The car is pictured here without the markings.

The Town Council has been working with the sheriff’s office to establish markings for the car. The plan is to have a picture of the Grand Canyon on the doors.