Local News

A Tale of Two Tusayans

May 14, 2013

By Michael Scerbo

It is the best of times it is the worst of times. If you live in one of the new apartment units built by  Canyon Plaza Owner Ann Wren, it is the best of times. A certificate of occupancy was recently issued for some new units and people are now moving in. Pictured to the left are Wren’s apartments. They were built without sweetheart deals from the Tusayan Town Council.  Instead Wren just went about building attractive housing at affordable prices. For that she was vilified by Stilo’s public relations machine.

 For those hoping for housing from Stilo, it is the worst of times. The trailers at Camper Village aren’t much to look at.  The units are pictured here on the right. They are bare bones. Some look like army barracks and they are visible from Highway 64. Stilo was recently handed a stop work order because they didn’t file the necessary paperwork with the State of Arizona. Despite that order, some of the homes appear to be occupied. At least they have cars parked in front of them.  

These units represent Stilo’s first building project. The Town Council has been silent on their aesthetics. The Town was promised buildings they could be proud of.  It’s hard to fathom if the Town is proud of these Spartan structures.

What does Elling Halvorson thinks of these units?  Halvorson is Stilo’s business partner. While he is not exactly known for building quality employee housing, his Museum/Dinner Theater/Steak House has the benefit of not being an eyesore.

It’s up to the Tusayan Town Council to decide if it’s wisdom or foolishness to allow Stilo to proceed with its development plans.