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Tusayan is Paying a Hefty Price for Incorporation

June 15, 2013

And that tab will last for at least three years.

William Wright, Tusayan’s new Town Manager will be paid $95,000 a year. In addition, he’ll collect a $700 a month health insurance stipend, he’ll get a $400 a month vehicle allowance, and free housing.

The contract calls for a three year agreement and if Tusayan lets him go without cause before that time, then the Town will have to shell out $$47,000 in severance.

The terms are not extravagant by government standards. Being a Town manager requires a skill set that is not commonly found.

What is unusual is the size of the community being managed. Paying someone $95,000 a year plus benefits to run a town with a population of about 500 is an expensive proposition.

The length of the contract is unusual, but understandable given how many town managers Tusayan has had since its brief existence. Wright will be the 4th person to hold the office.  A smart negotiator would insist on a long-term contract if they feared a revolving door.

It took a considerable amount of time to find Wright. A search earlier in the year produced two finalists but no manager.