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Developer That Wants To Lead Grand Canyon Area Project Cannot Figure Out How To Install A Few Trailer Homes

June 29, 2013

By Mike Scerbo

The Stilo trailer homes at Camper Village not only lack in aesthetics, five of them also lack the proper paperwork and permits.

There are flood plain issues. There are skirting issues. There are issues about proper permitting. It seems the development company that wants to spearhead a massive project at the doorstep of the Grand Canyon cannot even master the finer points of plopping some trailer homes in Camper Village.

By the way, people are not permitted to live in the trailer homes while the stop work order is in effect.

We inquired on the status of these trailer homes with the Arizona Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety.  This is their response which outlines how Stilo botched this project.

"Five (5) homes are currently under a Stop Work Order in Camper Village.  Five installation permits were issued prior to determining this site was in a flood zone.  Flood zone installations require a site-specific engineered plan that must be reviewed and approved by the local Floodplain Administrator for base-line elevations and other considerations.  The Floodplain Administrator in this case is Coconino County.  Following the approval by Coconino County, the foundation plans and approval by the County are required to be reviewed by the Department for safety of the placement of the home including anchoring systems, etc.

In addition, any accessory structure, such as wood constructed skirting, requires an engineered plan to be approved by the Department.  Although the skirting used on these homes was approved previously as a typical plan for constructed skirting, it is not approved for use in flood zones and; therefore, must be submitted to the local Floodplain Administrator and then to the Department as indicated above.  To date, the Department has not received a plan submittal for the skirting on these homes.

Plans for the installation of the homes were submitted to the Department on May 3, 2013; the Department’s initial review of the plans identified several corrections/questions on the plans and the submitter was notified via email on May 29, 2013 of the issues.  No further communication has been received by the Department as of Friday, June 21, 2013.

The plans submitted to-date do not include the required skirting engineered plans.  Currently, plan review cycle time is approximately three (3) weeks from date of plan submittal unless there are correction needed to the plan which then is dependent on the response from the plan submitter."

The Stilo trailer homes at Camper Village are visible from Highway 64, giving visitors a unique look at the ‘quality’ of the Stilo project.  It remains to be seen if the Town Council is concerned about this ‘quality’ as it evaluates Stilo’s future.