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Where’s Stilo? Italian Developer's Strong Arm Tactics On Hold After It Broke Promises Of Affordable Housing And Water Supplies

July 21, 2013

As the Tusayan Town Council continues to scold the delinquent developer, Stilo has been keeping a low profile. Recently declared in default by the Town Council, Italian developer Stilo is no longer engaging in the full-court press to get its way.

Gone are the days of pizza parties intended to sway popular opinion. The Western Times newspaper which always seems to come out when a critical vote was about to take place has been silent for months.And attacks on those who opposed Stilo’s development plans.At one time Stilo actually threatened councilmember Bill Fitzgerald by complaining to his employer and threatening litigation against Fitzgerald. All because he placed the interests of Tusayan residents before the interests of the Italian developer.

In fact Stilo’s website to promote its development plan www.tusayansfuture.com is no longer active.

The Sierra Club remains on the case and recently published a news release outlining Stilo’s failure to deliver land for affordable housing as promised not to mention its inability to identify a water supply. Here is a link to the Sierra Club website.

The Sierra club picture (reposted here) sums up the situation. Note the Stilo sign promising the world, and the reality of some unsightly Stilo trailer homes.