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Tusayan Council Adopts a $2.5 Million Budget

August 4, 2013

By Michael Anthony Scerbo

The cost of governing Tusayan costs $2.5 million. When you divide that by the estimated 500 people living within thew town that's $5000 a person.

The Town Council approved its budget for the fiscal year. It includes

$91,000 to pay the Mayor and Council
$412,000 for the Town Manager and Clerk
$666,000 for capitol improvements
$539,000 for Public Safety
Town Manager William Wright told the Town Council, "Revenues are up slightly and expenditures are about the same." He also said the council has been 'conservative' with Town funds.

The Council still has to resolve some taxation questions. Are some prepared foods subject to sales tax?  For example if someone buys a loaf of bread and some sliced ham at the General Store, it would not be taxed. But if they bought a sandwich at the same store, maybe it would be. It impacts the local population as much if not more than the average tourist.