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Vice Mayor Says Council Meetings Are Running Too Late

September 15, 2013

It’s not unusual for a Tusayan Council meeting to go beyond 10pm and Vice Mayor Al Montoya is seeking an end to these marathon sessions.

At the September 4th council meeting Montoya said he would like to see discussions get more to the point, “To me silence is confirmation, you agree and we don’t have to restate what the next council member said.” He also feels there has been an excess of discussion on action items, “We discuss before we have the action item. And we discuss it again after the action item.”

And Montoya is not pleased the meetings are going beyond 10pm, “We either need to abbreviate our meetings or we need to start earlier. I don’t mind a six hour meeting but I don’t want to go past ten o’clock at night. I have two young boys and they expect me to be at home at a certain hour so I can put them to bed.”

The Council is also concerned that the consultant they hired to come up with ways to improve internet service to Tusayan is not coming up with reliable estimates.

N.I. Solutions is looking at a long list of options from town-wide WiFi to making available fiber optic connections to all of the homes and businesses in town. However the Council considers the estimates and projects to be conflicting and unclear. Councilman Rueter said, “We need to find someone else to help us accomplish our goals.”