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Stilo Henchman Tom DePaolo Said What?

September 15, 2013

The controversy over Stilo project and reached the national press. Stilo strongman Tom DePaolo  was interviewed for an article that appeared in Esquire On-Line. He apparently has a very low opinion of the tourist experience at the Grand Canyon National Park and the surrounding area. Here is what he told a national publication:

"The average tourist has his Kodak moment at the Rim, buys a plastic tomahawk made in China and then leaves."

That's not exactly a statement the Convention and Visitor's Bureau would appreciate. Nor would the hard working men and women working in the tourist industry in Tusayan relish DePaolo's words.

Here is link to the article.

DePaolo has been AWOL on the recent Stilo crisis. His failure to come up with a water supply and his inability to deliver land for affordable housing has not sat well with the Town Council. If he keeps making statements like the one he made to Esquire, we may not see him for a while.