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After Breaking its Promises Stilo Seeks A Blank Check For It's development

November 10, 2013

By Michael Scerbo


It's common knowledge that Stilo defaulted in its deal with the Town of Tusayan that permitted three million square feet of commercial space.

Stilo has an offer for the Town. In exchange for the land (which was supposed to be delivered more than a year ago), the Town of Tusayan loses promised oversight of how the parcels will be developed. If the 40 acres is transferred, Stilo’s zoning will be Irrevocably Vested. According the amended agreement that means:

"Irrevocably Vested" and, for purposes herein, "Irrevocably Vested" means that Stilo shall have the right to develop Kotzin, TenX and Camper Village pursuant to the terms of this First Amendment and pursuant to zoning approvals and the Town's ordinances and regulations as of the Effective Date. The Town may amend or adopt new generally applicable ordinances, rules, regulations or standards as set forth below (collectively, the "Permissible Amendments") but shall not otherwise modify Stilo's zoning approvals or otherwise impact the density, intensity, land uses, building height or floor area ratios on the Stilo Parcels without Stilo's express written consent."

Basically, the Town Council, and future Town Councils would have little or no input on how Stilo develops this critical real estate at the doorway to the Grand Canyon.

Here is a link to the Amendment.

Meanwhile the Kaibab National Forest is looking at ways to set aside easements that would allow the Stilo plan to move ahead,. Ranger Mike Williams wants the Town to supervise the process as opposed to Stilo. Williams noted that giving easements to developers that may not be around in the future is not the best way to go.Kaibab will process the application but a third party would have to be engaged to do a highly complex analysis and environmental assessment.