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Stilo Sweetheart Deal Gets Another Look From The Town Council

November 3, 2013

Whether Italian developer Stilo is spared sanctions and rewarded for breaking its promises could be decided at Wednesday’s Council Meeting. The Council will go into executive session to look at an amended development agreement. They could approve the language and set it up for adoption at a future meeting.

Stilo is in default for failing to come up with a water supply and provide affordable housing, in exchange for a lucrative deal that gives Stilo three million square feet of commercial space.

Despite breaking its promises, missing deadlines, and turning a deaf ear to complaints that the homes it built at Camper Village are an eyesore, Stilo decided the best course of action was to make more demands of the Town and hold hostage the acreage it promised to provide for affordable housing.

The strategy seemed to work. Because on Wednesday the Town Council will decide whether to move forward on changes to the deal that would prevent the Council or future Councils from having any major input in the Stilo development. It’s called vested zoning and it gives Stilo a blank check.