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Stilo Seeks The Fast Lane After Driving Over The Cliff With Its Botched Development Plan

December 5, 2013

Italian developer Stilo is scrambling to fix the mess it has made. Stilo is in default of its development agreement which seeks to add three million square feet of commercial space and thousands of new homes to the environmentally fragile area surrounding the Grand Canyon.

So far Stilo has failed to find a water supply, failed to donate 40 acres it promised for affordable housing, and failed to deliver a site plan for the unsightly trailers it placed in Camper Village.

Stilo is patching together a new site plan and expects to deliver it to Tusayan’s Planning and Zoning Commission December 17th. By the way Stilo’s full time Tusayan representative, Sandy Angat, just happens to be on the P&Z Commission.

If Stilo gets its way with P&Z, the whole mess could go before the Town Council on January 8th. In addition to the site plan, Mayor Greg Bryan also suggested the Council may vote on the amended development agreement on the same night.

That’s not very much time for public review. And although the development agreement has been kicking around for years, the delays were caused by Stilo’s refusal or inability to follow some very simple rules.