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Update: P and Z holds off on Stilo Camper Village Site Plan

December 15, 2013

Tusayan’s Planning and Zoning Commission has put off a decision on whether  Stilo gets a pass for essentially botching the way it handled temporary employee housing at Camper Village. After the Town Council noted that the Italian developer ignored requirements for a site plan, not to mention approval from the state, Stilo was given 45 days to come up with a site plan. They threw one together in less than a month and it now goes before the Planning and Zoning Commission. Given the company’s track record, they might have taken more time.On December 17th, the Planning and Zoning Commission held off on a decision, meaning the site plan could come up in  January.

Commissioner Sandy Angat is Stilo’s representative in Tusayan. She recused herself from the discussion and vote.

The temporary housing was supposed to be Stilo's signature first development effort and itstead is has been criticized for being poorly managed and an eyesore, especially because its visible from highway 64.  Stilo was directed to correct a number of issues. Other housing construction has been done and continues to be done without the need for massive corrections. Maybe that's because the people involved in those projects actually live in Tusayan and care what their neighbors think.