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Council Briefs: Park Rules and Don't Feed Forest Critters

December 15, 2013

The Tusayan Town Park has a new set of rules. Approved by the Town council at the December 4th meeting, the rules include hours of operation 6am to 10:30pm and no overnight parking or camping.Other rules include keeping pets on a leash and no tobacco products, drugs or alcohol.

The council is also considering an ordinance that would make it illegal to feed or approach wildlife. Larry Phoenix with the Arizona Game and Fish Department is seeking the new rules. He told the council feeding Elk and other wildlife make the animals more aggressive as they lose their fear of humans. Most of the food people feed to wild animals isn’t healthy for the animals either. There would be exceptions for bird feeders.

The town is also moving ahead with plans to purchase snow removal equipment, so that the sidewalks stay clear. The Bobcat they intend to buy would cost more than $60,000. It could also be used for hauling and other tasks when the snow is not falling.