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Zoning Slow Going For Stilo and General Plan

December 27, 2013

Stilo is still unable to resolve the mess that is temporary housing at Camper Village. The planning and Zoning Commission is not expected to reconsider the site plan until January 14th. That’s also when the general plan comes up for approval.

There is another complication, Richard Turner, the contract Town Planning Director has submitted his resignation. Turn works for Wildan Engineering, which also provides engineering services for Tusayan. Because the contract with Wildan is coming to an end Tusayan is putting its engineering and planning needs out to bid.

Councilman Bill Fitzgerald noted in a December 18th meeting of the Tusayan Town Council that questions remain about water issues. He suggested additional workshops.

His idea seems to have caufght on as there will be a joint meeting of the Town Council and P and Z December 30th at 5pm