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Stilo Places Camper Village Homes In Floodplain

January 12, 2014

Tusayan is reviewing another fatally flawed plan from developer Stilo. The developer seeking a massive commcerial project got in hot water for failing to submit a site plan for temporary housing at Camper Village. That’s in addition to failing to provide land for affordable housing or a water supply, but we digress.

When it was discovered Stilo never filed a site plan for all of the manufactured homes they plopped down at Camper Village, the Town Council ordered Stilo to get its act together. A review of the site plan reveals why Stilo may have failed to submit. Most if not all of the manufactured homes are in a floodplain. Here is a link to the site plan.

The map is difficult to make out but close inspection shows most of the homes either partially or completely in a floodplain. They’re also very close to a floodway.

The problem does not appear to be because the parcel itself is mostly in a floodplain. In fact most of it appears fine. It does appear the Stilo is reserving choice land (out of the floodplain)  for lucrative commercial development.

While that may make for a good return on investment, it is not great news for all of the people who signed up for the Stilo housing. There is a certain amount of risk to living in a flood plain, not only for property but also safety concerns.

On Tuesday, January 14, the Planning and Zoning Commission will decide on the site plan, along with Tusayan’s General Plan. The documents before the commission mention the floodplain and the floodway but they don’t go into detail.
If the site plan is approved, the Town Council could fast track the entire Stilo project and approved an amended development agreement by the end of January. If all of this get approved, Stilo will receive three major concessions.
1. It will be allowed to build homes in a floodplain.
2. Stilo will receive permanent vested zoning after missing deadline after deadline on affordable housing.
3. Stilo would get a pass on failing to identify a legitimate water supply.
Those would be some pretty nice perks for a developer who has thus far failed to meet its obligations to Tusayan’s residents.