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Camper Village Homes Stay In Flood Plain As Stilo Bullies Tusayan Officials

January 19, 2014

Tusayan’s Planning and Zoning Commission was rightly concerned at its January 14th meeting. Members had before them a site plan for temporary housing at Camper Village. Stilo was required to submit a plan because they NEGELCTED to do as part of its massive and controversial development that would add three million square feet of commercial space.

What members also learned is that most of the homes Stilo placed are in a flood plain. The information came out after Stilo submitted its site plan. Mayor Greg Bryan told the Watchdog he was unaware of this issue. However Stilo claims the flood plan issue was never hidden from Tusayan officials.

Lives and property are in harm’s way. One conclusion is that Tusayan officials were never warned of this. Such a warning should have come from Tusayan’s hired and outsourced planning team at Wildan Engineering. Whatever the reason, the people living in Camper Village in the new homes constructed by Stilo could lose their property and perhaps their lives because they live in a floodplain.

That didn’t stop Stilo’s hired guns at RobbCo Construction. They INSISTED that the planning and Zoning Commission approve the site plan after members raised concerns about the flood plain issues.

P and Z gave in and now the matter goes before the Tusayan Town Council at a special 5pm Wednesday meeting.
Two entities with close ties to the Town Council should have warned Town Hall. They didn’t. RobbCo, works for Stilo. Wildan is under contract with Tusayan but ironically, any expenses incurred related to the Stilo project are paid for by….Stilo.

The flood plain issue is difficult to spot. Here is a link to the site plan. However experts at Wildan should have raised a red flag. That's their job. Either Wildan failed to sound that alarm or Town Hall missed the warning.

That’s of little comfort to those Tusayan residents living in a floodplain. It’s very good for Stilo. They get the benefits of vested zoning and they don’t even pay a price for putting lives and property in harm’s way.