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Town Council Approves Camper Village Site Plan Even Though Homes Remain In Flood Plain

January 26, 2014

The site plan for the temporary Stilo housing at Camper Village has been approved even though most if not all of the homes remain in a floodplain. The Town Council made that decision at its January 22nd meeting.

16 units are occupied and two have remained in limbo after a stop work order was issued late last year.

The site plan doesn’t technically meet the Town’s code with respect to floodplains. But because zoning consultant Wildan failed to discover that, deadlines passed and the Town Council was obligated to approve RobbCo’s site plan. RobbCo is the company Stilo hired to install the homes.

Mayor Greg Bryan opined there was “mutual culpability” and that “the system and process got turned around.”
Still RobbCo’s Robb Baidowsky and Larry Hostetler were ordered to spruce up the Camper Village housing including landscaping and fencing so that the project is not visible from the highway.

The Town also needs assurances these temporary homes don’t become a permanent part of Tusayan’s landscape. The plan is to end their use as housing after five years butthe council has the option to extend that.

In addition to building in a floodplain the applicant never generated a report on how the temporary housing impacts the floodplain. That means a flood could not only destroy the homes in the temporary Stilo housing but the project itself could make the situation worse in surrounding areas.