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Fireproofing The Forest: Tusayan Fire District Draws Up Wildfire Protection Plan

February 11, 2014

Tusayan Fire Chief Bob Evans says the community is well on its way to having an updated fire protection plan. Evans told the Town Council great strides have been made over the past dozen years with respect to forest thinning. And Evans says there's more work to be done. Evans notes that the state has set aside $25 million for forest thinning projects.

Evans also feels it's paramount to to have a solid plan in place as insurance companies are cracking down on communities without a fire protection plan.

The fire chief would like to see additional hydrants in the community as well as water tanks filled with reclaimed water.

He has also taken steps to include 10X and Kotzin properties into the effort. Evans is also proposing community outreach, he would like to distribute the plan to local businesses.

The plan also calls for steps residents and businesses can take to minimize fire danger. there are also evacuation plans and emergency shelter locations. Right now the plan would be to evacuate residents to the Grand Canyon Airport or the Grand Canyon National Park.Evans notes the best plans can't prevent wildfire outright, "This country can carry fire."

Here is a link to the Fire Plan which was endorsed by the Town Council.