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Despite Noble Efforts General Plan Lacks Water Source Or Way To Keep Stilo In Line

February 23, 2014

The Tusayan General plan is expected to get approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission when members meet Tuesday February 25th. Despite the fact that there has not been such a plan in place, the Town Council saw fit to approve massive changes to a controversial development agreement with Stilo. That's a lucky break for Stilo.

While the plan needs final approval from the Town Council, it does not need the blessing of the Tusayan Fire District or the South Grand Canyon sanitary District, two agencies that serve critical needs in Tusayan.

At the urging of Bill Towler, former Coconino County Planner now with the Sierra Club, a section was added to the plan outlining Tusayan’s vision. Part of it reads:

“This vision of Tusayan includes an attractive, well maintained Town that is family oriented and friendly, while offering a wide range of goods and services and to provide an array of recreational and cultural activities…..The Town wants to continue to maintain a sense of community pride through progressive cooperation among its residents, businesses, and government.”

It’s hard to imagine achieving that vision now that Stilo has vested zoning for three million square feet of commercial space. Its track record thus far has been unimpressive.

The plan also fails to identify a water source to keep Stilo’s plans afloat. The language is vague on this :

GOAL: Develop a water supply, distribution system and storage capacity, including potable and reclaimed water, that meets the needs of the Town.
Objective: The Town should investigate and, if appropriate, pursue actions necessary to
become a designated municipal provider of both potable and non‐potable water.
GOAL: To develop a water supply, distribution system and storage that meets the needs of the Town.
Objective: Conduct and implement studies and work with partners to achieve an adequate
and reliable supply of domestic water.

And while the community was invited to come together to review this plan and many entities had a say in the matter, the General Plan still fails to outline ways to keep Stilo in line and obtain more water. .