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Stilo Is Watching

April 19, 2014

There is a curious clause to the Development agreement the Town of Tusayan signed with Stilo. The Italian developer wants to be notified anytime someone makes a public records request of the Town or the Forest Service about the Forest Service application.

Here is the portion of that agreement in which the Town is ordered to:

(f) promptly advise Stilo of any written communication from the Forest Service or other cooperating agencies (including, but not limited to meeting and/or information requests) and attend all meetings requested by the Forest Service;

(g) provide Stilo with advance notice of and an opportunity to participate in and/or attend any teleconference or meeting with the Forest Service and/or any cooperating agency representatives;

(h) notify Stilo of any public information requests received by the Town and/or any Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) requests received by the Forest Service and coordinate any response thereto including, to the extent permitted by law, honoring any request by Stilo to withhold confidential information;

Basically if any member of the public or the media has questions about the Forest Service application as it relates to the Stilo development, the Italian developer wants to know about it and Stilo also wants to be able to hide any information it deems confidential. That means if you or this publication or anyone has questions, Stilo wants to know who you are and what you are asking.