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Town Council Update: Crosswalks and Lawyers

May 19, 2014

The Kaibab Nation Forest wants to provide better motor vehicle access to campgrounds. The goal is to increase camping corridors by about 64 miles within the Tusayan Ranger District. These corridors would extend 200 feet from either side of the centerline roads. The idea is to correct a problem that popped up about three years ago when the vehicle access was reduced. Forest Service Spokeswoman Julie Rose said, “The intent is to capture the areas that people want to use or have been using.”

The Town Council is also looking at ideas to improve crosswalk safety on highway 64. They are looking at pedestrian activated lighted signs which would cost between five and six thousand dollars per crosswalk. Councilman Al Montoya cautioned the lights should be noticed but not overbearing.

At the May 21st council meeting members will discuss retaining an attorney to review Forest Service access as it relates to the Stilo project. In order for Stilo to gain access to land for its controversial development, the Forest Service has to sign off on access to federal lands. One law firm submitted a bid for $350 an hour.