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More Opposition to Tusayan Name Change

May 19, 2014

The Center For Biological Diversity is opposing a proposed name change for Tusayan and it hints that Stilo is behind the name change proposal. Center Director Dr. Robin Silver sent a letter to the Arizona Board on Geographic and Historic names. The letter reads in part:

"The Town of Tusayan wants to incorporate “Grand Canyon” into its name. But the greatest acute threat to the Grand Canyon is the Town of Tusayan’s massive, destructive growth and development plan. Tusayan’s proposal to incorporate “Grand Canyon” into its new name is akin to a bully or a mugger stealing their victim’s identity and using it to perpetrate more insult upon injury, to flaunt the assault, and to further abuse the victim.”

The center is no fan of Stilo’s controversial development plan and the concluding paragraph of the letter makes that clear. Silver continues:

“The Town of Tusayan’s primary mission is now to service the developers with whom it has contractually joined to undertake massive new Grand Canyon-harming development. Any name change incorporating “Grand Canyon” serves purely to promote the developer’s commercial enterprise. No overriding need can be demonstrated.”