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Tusayan Struggles to Get Out of the Weeds

July 4, 2014

Tusayan is hoping it has found a way to get rid of the weeds that overtook public rights of way this summer. The Town Council has put its lone maintenance person on the job and is also reaching out to local businesses to see if they have any workers who would like to make some extra money pulling weeds.

In June, residents began to opine that the Town seemed to have enough money to spend on consultants to sing the praises of changing the Town’s name but not enough time and money to get rid of the weeds. The Town Council has taken note. The Town has put out the word that it needs weed pullers.

That’s only half the battle. Many of the plants in the public right of way along Highway 64 in Tusayan are dead or dying because the water system ADOT installed is not working. The Town says the water system is “falling apart.” ADOT doesn’t seem to be responding to the problem.

Rather than wait for ADOT to get moving the council has decided to fix the watering system and then hope ADOT will reimburse the town.