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Show Al the Money

March 3, 2011

By Michael Anthony Scerbo

Council member Al Montoya says the work he is doing as a member of the Tusayan Town Council takes his time and energy and he thinks he should get paid. Because state law forbids elected officials from raising their own pay, any action taken by this Town Council won’t have an impact until the next elections.

During the March 3 Council meeting a member of the audience noted that the council members made a conscious decision to get involved in local government and give their time. And while they should be reimbursed for expenses, they should not expect a salary.

Montoya replied, “I would never impose this on anyone who’s an hourly wage earner. I’ve expended on all my vacation time and infringing on my family’s needs just to be here for the community” he went on to say, “I don’t make the income that some in the community make. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to say hey, 100 bucks 200 bucks is a lot.”
Mayor Greg Bryan also supports the idea but he says those who get a salary from the town could always give it back to the municipal coffers. “I would like to see some compensation that would partially offset the people who sit at this table and the council members in the future.”

Council Bob Blasi noted, “It’s costing us our own personal time and money to serve here.”
Click here for video highlights of the debate on council pay. The council is expected to revisit the idea.

Al Montoya appears to be the driving force behind this suggestion which is unusual since last year he made $8,500 in the form of a “Win Bonus” after the incorporation vote. In fact, the incorporation backers wrote a lot of checks to a lot of people. The information has just come to light because United for Tusayan has just amended its campaign finance report. Click here to see the latest list of who got the checks. The biggest “Win Bonus” went to Montoya.