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Mayor Bryan: Forest Service Access Application On Stilo Project Stands Despite School Board Decision

July 30, 2014

The Forest Service access application submitted by the Town of Tusayan is not being withdrawn even though the Grand Canyon School District withdrew its offer to donate land on long Jim Loop Road to make it possible to access the Kotzin site, a central part of the Stilo development plan.

The School Board withdrew its offer after learning about the heavy traffic that would be going through the future school site and current home to the Tusayan Town Park. The Board also felt it was not given the entire story from the town with respect to liability issues and whether the Long Jim Loop Road option was the only option.

Despite those concerns and despite the withdrawal, Tusayan Mayor Greg Bryan says it won’t change the application, “The application was already submitted and the route was provided with the School Board’s blessing so it will move forward.”

The Mayor says the route is a placeholder and not a final decision. He also wants another discussion with the School Board, “We look forward to discussing and talking with the School Board and having all the information property presented and discussed so they can make a fully informed decision in reconsideration. We’re disappointed, I’m disappointed with the fact we were not invited to come and discuss it.”

Bryan’s comments are in stark contrast to the fact that the Town Council has not had any lengthy discussions about the controversial route in open session. Nor is the Long Jim Loop Road route part of the Town’s General Plan.

The School Board’s decision to withdraw the offer was made at an open meeting that was agenized and noticed. There was no effort to conceal the fact that the issue was up for debate. In fact the meeting was well attended by the public. While there may not have been a formal invitation to the Mayor, it was widely known the item was up for discussion and action.