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New York Times Scolds Stilo

August 18, 2014

In case you missed it, the New York Times ran a scathing editorial on Stilo's controversial development plan. the editorial was entitled "A Cathedral Under Siege" Here is a portion of it:

"Among its many demands, the development requires water, and tapping new wells would deplete the aquifer that drives many of the springs deep inside the canyon — delicate oases with names like Elves Chasm and Mystic Spring. These pockets of life, tucked amid a searing expanse of bare rock, are among the park’s most exquisite gems.

It’s a terrible plan, but an even deeper affront resides in the story of how the project came about.

In the early 1990s, the Stilo Group, based in Italy, began buying up private parcels inside the Kaibab National Forest, which is adjacent to the park. The group recently worked in partnership with Tusayan business owners to incorporate the town, and then to secure a majority of seats on the town council and control over local zoning.

It was a smart and effective strategy. But it also transferred to a small group of investors the power to irreparably harm the crown jewel of America’s park system."

Here is a link to the entire editorial.

This editorial follows an equally scathing article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

With all this bad press it's no wonder Stilo recently hosted another 'information' meeting August 11th in which the developer again failed to define a specific water source nor provided details on housing. With all the bad press Stilo has been getting, it's going to take more than free food and vague promises to change the national dialog.