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Stilo Reveals its Plans

March 3, 2011

For weeks we’ve been saying that Stilo , Logan/Luca and Elling Halvorson aren’t too enthused about putting permanent housing on the Camper Village, even though the parcel is zoned residential; even though these out-of-state corporate interests bankrolled incorporation.

On Thursday March 3rd, we learned the truth. Stilo and Logan /Luca have no concrete plans to build affordable housing. The developers showed their cards at two public meetings; one for the business leaders and one for the general public.
The plan is to give the Town 20 acres at the Ten-X Ranch and 20 acres at Kotzin and let the Town handle the task of affordable housing. Andy Jacobs with Policy Development Group said, “We think it’s a pretty generous offer.”

Because Kotzin and 10-X are remote there's lots of infrastruture to be built and that could take two to three years according to the developer estimates. Nowhere are there plans for affordable housing at the Camper Village location even though the infrastrucure is already in place. That's because Camper Village, which is already zoned residential, is just too valuable to the developers.

The developers want to take the more than 300 acres that remains and build resorts, hotels, and retail. Sure the plans call for some housing, but on their terms.

 Stilo and company plan to set aside some land on camper village for mobile homes until the low cost housing is ready at Kotzin and Ten-X. Then it’s off the good land in the center of town and off to the fringe land which is worth a lot less.

40 acres doesn’t sound like much when you consider that Stilo and Logan/Luca own more than 350 between Camper Village, Kotzin, and Ten-X. Maybe they should throw in a mule. What’s even more insulting is that Camper Village is already zoned residential. That means there’s no need to rezone, just a need for Stilo and company to turn a big profit.

There is another way to accomplish affordable housing. The Town could refuse any rezoning and require these corporate interests to live up to their promises and develop affordable housing on their own at Camper Village. It could happen now, not three years from now. Of course Stilo wouldn't be able to build a pricey resort on the property if a bunch of townsfolk lived there. But hey these guys promised us housing in exchange for the vote to incorporate.

Coconino County never fell for these bait and switch tactics, but they no longer call the shots. The people in charge now are on the Tusayan Town Council. Three of them work for Elling Halvorson, one of Stilo’s partners.