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Tourism and Flags: Town Council Update

August 23, 2014

After months of discussion the Tusayan Town Council is moving ahead with a crosswalk safety program that would have pedestrians carry tall flags when the cross one of the marked crosswalks in town. The flags would be kept in containers on both sides of Highway 64. ADOT says it will let the town proceed with this plan on a conditional basis. The other option is to have pedestrian activated flashing lights at the marked crosswalks, which would get the attention of a driver but would also go against the town's 'dark skies' philosophy.

The Town Council is thinking about appointing a Touirism Board. Councilman Craig Sanderson is in charge of the effort which came about because some on the Town Council tourism efforts aimed squarely at Tusayan. sanderson says his intent is not to replace the Grand Canyon Chamber and Visitor's bureau but to make sure there is more control over dollars spent. Sanderson is setting up a workshop to research the viability of a Tourism Board which Sanderson would head.

The Town Council at its August 13th meeting also voted spend $3,700 to help the Tusayan Fire department purchase new digital radios.