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No road. No water. Mayor Still Believes Stilo Plan Is Viable. Town Council To Meet With School Board September 9th

August 23, 2014

Ever since the Grand Canyon School district was misled about donating school land along Long Jim Loop Road to create access to Stilo's controversial development, there has been consistant talk about another meeting with the School Board to reconsider its rejection.

Mayor Bryan has announced the Town Council has been invited to a September 9th School Board meeting to discuss the issue.

Mayor Greg Bryan was upset that the Town was not invited to a meeting in which the Board discussed and then rejected the land grab. Nevermind the fact that Bryan never had any discussion on the access route in open session until AFTER it was sent to the Forest Service for review. Even though the School had said no to the land grab, it still remains in the Forest Service application process.

Despite that fact, Mayor Bryan has announced the scoping process application with the Forest Service  will continue. The mayor said "we're waiting for them (the Forest Service) to come back to us."

It will be interesting to see how the Forest Service reponds to an access route that doesn't exist.

Speaking of things that don't exist, at an August 11th  Stilo Party there was no answer to the big question about where Stilo will get the water to add three million square feet of commercial space and thousands of new homes to the area. Stilo stand-in Andy Jacobs suggested more wells, despite the fact that studies show additional wells would dry up water supplies that feed springs at the Grand Canyon.

All the free food and old maps that Stilo continues to hand out doesn't change the fact that there's no water, no access route, and a long list of broken promises from a developer that doesn't bother to show up to council or community meetings unless it wants something.