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Town Council Reelected. Fitzgerald Top Vote Getter

August 29, 2014

Italian developer Stilo didn’t try to buy the election this year and as a result Councilman Bill Fitzgerald was the top vote getter in the August 26th election. The top three vote getters will take office.

Here are the results:
FITZGERALD, BILL             46           26.29%
RUETER, JOHN                  42           24.00%
SANDERSON, CRAIG        37           21.14%
WIRTH, REBECCA             32           18.29%
Write-in                                18           10.29%
Total                                     175       

In the past Stilo has spent big time to get its preferred list of candidates (Bryan, Montoya, Rueter) elected. This year, not so much. It’s telling that the only member of the council who is not employed by Stilo or its business partner, Bill Fitzgerald, received the most votes. Fitzgerald has been an independent voice on the council and Stilo has openly attacked him. Those attacks haven’t worked.

Voters in Tusayan also passed the home rule option. The vote was 41 to 27.