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Tusayan Sanitary District Kept In The Dark On Stilo Access

October 5, 2014

The Tusayan Sanitary District wants to know why it was not consulted when the Town of Tusayan, Stilo, and the Forest Service cooked up the Kotzin access plan that steals land from the Grand Canyon School District in order to build a dangerous high-traffic road right next to the Town Park and a future school site.
On September 17th the Sanitary district’s attorney sent a letter to the Forest Service and the Town which reads in part:

“As the DMA, the District is responsible for ensuring that the wastewater collection system is adequately sized and sited to meet the contemporary and future needs of the entire community. Unfortunately, the District has not been consulted on these issues. While the Forest Service obviously has the authority to decide where the lines should be located on the Forest, the District has the authority to decide where lines should connect to the existing system. To be clear, the District will not be driven into ill-advised planning decision because transmission line siting was conducted and an Easement was granted without the District's input. Accordingly, siting the transmission lines and Easements on the Forest before it is determined where the lines need to connect to the existing system makes little sense.”

As long as the Sanitary District remains independent, it will continue to put the community’s best interest ahead of Italian developer Stilo. That’s why Stilo has continued efforts to put its buddies on the Sanitary District, buddies such as contractor Robb Baldosky.

The sanitary District also notes that it owns the utility easement on the ill-fated and unpopular road to Kotzin. Here is another portion of that letter:

“Finally, our understanding is that the Forest Service issues Easements to specified entities for the construction, operation and maintenance of utility lines on the Forest. As written, the Application for the Easement is being filed by the Town. The District understands that the Town will neither construct nor own the utilities. Thus, the District is unclear as to the rights of a utility to operate within the Easement if the Application is granted to the Town as written.”

To look at the entire letter click here.