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Center For Biological Diversity Wants To Be In The Know On Stilo Water Plan

October 7, 2014

Tusayan Mayor Greg Bryan continues to tout Colorado River water as a potential source of water for Stilo's controversial development plan. The Center for Biological Diversity wants a say in the matter. The environmental group has sent a letter to the Interior Department notes that the development could cause long term damage to the Grand Canyon National Park. that's why t wants to be kept informed on any plans to give Stilo Colorado River water or any water that moves through the Central Arizona Project. The letter reads in part:

"As you know, the Secretary of Interior, via the Bureau of Reclamation, must approve any transfer of water from the Colorado River, whether via “sever and transfer,” or via exchange of Central Arizona Project water. Since such an action will have a major devastating effect on the Grand Canyon and will be extremely controversial, National Environmental Policy Act evaluation must precede any such approve by any Interior agency."

Here is a link to the complete letter.

Mayor Bryan has also said the project cannot move forward without a water supply, but given the damage the Stilo project may do to the area, getting that water won't be an easy task.