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Tusayan Fire Gets A Little Help

October 9, 2014

The Tusayan Town Council is setting aside nearly $59,000 to help the Tusayan Fire District.  Because of falling property values, revenues continue to decline. However costs continue to increase. Valle does not have a fire department, but when emergency services are needed, Tusayan must rush to the rescue. However Valle is not part of the Tusayan Fire District which means it contributes no revenue.

The same problem exists at theTusayan Airport which is owned by the Arizona Department of Transportation. Businesses at the airport  frequently rely on the Tusayan Fire Department for service, but the Fire District collects no revenue at the airport.

There is an airport fire department but it doesn’t subscribe to 911 service.  So if someone living or working on airport property calls 911, Tusayan Fire takes the call.

The assistance from the Town will help but it won’t solve the problem. Fire Chief robert Evans has proposed a very slight increase in the Bed Tax as a long term solution.