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Hartigan Opposes Easement For School Property

November 2, 2014

Saying if the Grand Canyon School District opposes one easement, the District should oppose them all,  School Board President Kevin Hartigan  expressed opposition to a utility easement which allows a larger water line to go to the current Town Park and future school site on Long Jim Loop Road. The rest of the school board supported the easement.

It was Hartigan who championed a far more controversial easement which would create a high traffic road next to the school site in order to benefit Italian developer Stilo. The Board voted to reject that idea while Hartigan pleaded with members to take no position. The vote came after five intense hours of debate and deliberation.

At a more recent school board meeting Hartigan expressed his opposition to an easement that clearly benefits the school district and his reason seems to be in response to his defeat on the road easement issue.

School Board Member Pete Shearer supports the water line easement, “The reason that this would be the best avenue for the water line is that it would not just benefit the school but the entire town by creating a loop through the school site. It would also increase the water pressure for firefighting.”

Shearer adds the easement would prevent the need for an expensive lift station and the easement has the support of the Fire District, the Sanitary District, and the Town Council.